Avon Sofa


The Avon sofa is a simple design, neat and clean with a slight feeling of tradition. This suit would be perfect in a rich leather, with a tartan throw sprawled over for those creating a classic English interior. It’s also one of the smaller designs in the Alpine Lounge range.

Item Dimensions (approx.) (H) 87 cm (D) 96 cm

Armchair (W) 91.5 cm

2 Seater (W) 135 cm

3 Seater (W) 184 cm


Inyati Sofa

Inyati Sofa

The Inyati Sofa has classic lines, scroll arms with piped inner front facings, solid wooden feet and shaped back rests that all add to the aesthetic appeal this suite offers.

Item Dimensions (approx.) (H) 103 cm  (D) 103 cm

Armchair (W) 116 cm


2 Seater  (W) 181 cm


3 Seater  (W) 220 cm

Zinzi Sofa

Zinzi Sofa

This sofa is everything when it comes to size and style. From its simple squared arm, clean lines and shire size, with the two seater being more like a four, if you have space to fill the Zinzi is for you.


Item Dimensions (approx.) (H)89cm ( D)102cm

3 Seater (W) 300cm


2 Seater (W) 213cm


2 Arm Chair  (W) 115cm

Sabi Sofa

Sabi Sofa

The Sabi is a classic simple sofa, with its box arms and clean edges it’s perfect for those looking for a combination of comfort and contemporary in one design

Item Dimensions (approx.) (H) 87 cm (D) 97 cm

Armchair (W) 94 cm


2 Seater (W) 152 cm


3 seater (W) 208 cm


Incliner Chair (W) 94 cm

Tokara Sofa

Tokara Sofa

The Tokara motion suite is available in either manual or power/electric, for the ultimate in relaxation. These actions allow for the seats to be placed as close as 7cm from the wall, as the seats more forward and not backwards. The suite has a high back rest giving superb neck support.

Item Dimensions (approx.) (H)107cm ( D)114.5cm

2 Seater (W) 157cm


3 Seater (W) 220cm


Arm Chair (W) 94cm

Nyala Sofa

Nyala Sofa

The Nyala is a classic design motion suite with actions available in a choice of either manual or power/electric. These actions, the best available on the market, allows for the units to be placed as close as 7cm from the wall, as the seats move forward and not backwards.

The high back rests provide the ultimate in head and neck support, and the duvet type footrest provide additional support for the back and legs as well as comfort.

Item Dimensions (approx.) (H)104cm ( D)99cm

Range 2 Seater (W) 174m


3 Seater (W) 230cm


Arm Chair (W) 108cm

Taga Sofa

Taga Sofa

This sofa offers class and comfort with high back rests, deep seats and attractive curved front borders

Item Dimensions (approx.) (H)98cm ( D)102cm

3.5 Seater (W) 213cm


3 Seater (W) 174cm


Arm Chair (W) 120cm

Cabana Sofa

Cabana Sofa

This suite with its Square arms and inverted seams is a modern and fun sofa; especially when partnered with the matching pouffe that ensures comfort.

Available in Leather

Item Dimensions (approx.) (H)97cm (D)106cm

3 Seater (W) 201cm


2.5 Seater  (W) 165cm


2 Arm Chair (W) 105cm


Pouffe (H) 38cm (D) 90cm (W)90 cm

Arua Sofa

Arua Sofa

The Arua is a statement sofa with is rolled arm panel and bottom band being upholstered in cow hide, taking this traditional sofa style and giving it a touch of the exotic.

(H)95cm (D)100cm

Range 2 Seater (W) 171cm


Asara Sofa

Asara sofa


The Asara sofa exudes exceptional comfort, glamour and luxury. With its quality features and finishes, from its solid wood bun feet and antique brass studs on front arm facings and plinth add aesthetic value and appeal, to the high back rest to provide superb neck support.

Item Dimensions (approx.) (H)89cm ( D)107cm

3 Seater (W) 259m


2 Seater (W) 191cm


Arm Chair  (W) 123cm


Corner sofa available The Addo